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The mission of the Chicago Cycling Club (CCC) is to facilitate recreational bicycling in a non-competitive environment in and around Chicago. The CCC seeks to promote safe bicycling habits and proper bicycling etiquette, and to provide cyclists the opportunity to communicate with other cyclists. CCC encourages bicycling as a safe and viable alternative to other modes of transportation.

To that end, we rely on our members to get involved by bringing their expertise and donating their time. Below are positions that we are seeking members to get involved. Click on the headers below for details.

Chicago Cycling Club Steering Committee & Officers, Leadership Positions

CCC encourages members to consider a leadership position, because we are an all-volunteer non-profit organization. CCC is guided by a board of six Steering Committee members elected annually by the general membership. These Steering Committee members are elected in staggered two year terms, so that three positions are elected each year. Elections are held at the end of each year.

CCC Steering Committee members have a number of roles in leading the club, including:

Those elected Steering Committee members vote to fill the officer positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Those officers serve for one year beginning February 1. The duties of the 4 officers are:


Vice President



Two Members at Large are among the six elected positions. They participate in steering committee meetings and leadership decisions.

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Additional Chicago Cycling Club Leadership Positions

Committee chairs also play an important role in the Chicago Cycling Club. CCC has numerous committees that members can lead, including:

Communication & Newsletter Committee

Ride Committee

Program / Education Committee

Membership Committee

Invitational Events Liaison

Ride Leader

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Social Networking and Web Application

The Chicago Cycling Club has an advanced web application based on the Microsoft stack: Window Server 2012, ASP.MVC 4, .NET, SQL server, LINQ, C# and F#.

Our goal is to make this application an information destination for Chicago area cycling and a platform for cyclist participation. As part of that goal, we'll like to add more social networking technologies (i.e. Facebook, blogs), mobile technologies and other features to increase member participation and interaction and to attract and retain members.

You do not have to be an expert in these areas but you should have a desire to learn and have fun. Time committment is variable.

If you are interested in working with advanced web application technologies and are interested in social networking (any Economist?), this would be a fun, educational and career building opportunity.

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