Wednesday Night Training Ride
Wednesday Jul 25, 2018
Bevan Brookfield, email: | Mobile: (224) 548-6173
6:30 PM - (not specified) 32 miles 18 to 35 mph
Ride FAQ (please read)

Its back. The wednesday night training ride returns for another year of fast road training. Same time, same day, same focus on disciplined group riding, always hotly contested set sprint points and the same friendly atmosphere.

Join us for a fast-paced training ride aimed at increasing your speed and improving your group riding skills. Practice rotating pace lines, close proximity riding and advanced bike handling while building race pace fitness.  Ride paces range from 18-22 warm-up, 25+ for extended periods with planned leadouts for sprints; re-grouping occurs after all sprints.

Due to the need to ride in a tight pack and the fast pace, use of traditional style road bikes is strongly recommended. Recumbent, hybrid and mountain bikes will not be allowed, time-trial bikes and handle bars are discouraged.  A certain level of experience with group riding and fitness is expected. 

Heres the route we take:

This is not a no drop ride, but a range of abilities is expected (and welcomed). After a 5 mile warm up the pace will heat up and the group may fragment, chase groups will form allowing riders to continue riding together. The ride always stops for red lights and all or some of the ride will always stop to assist you with mechanical problems&punctures. Please bring tools and the ability to fix a puncture fairly quickly.

The ride completes at PKs Pantry convenience store close to the start point (<0.5 mile) with enough room in its car park for a large group to hang for a recovery drink and socializing with your fellow rider.

Lights are required by ALL in april&sept, and recommended year round if you ride home any distance after the route. Ride ends by 8:00pm if there are no mechanical problems, but has been known to stretch to 8:30.

Guests are welcome, please just register below 

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