Seventh Step Ride: Laid-Back & Deutsch-Freundlich Version
Sunday Jul 23, 2017
Bob Hsiung, email:
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 37/40/45/50/60 mi 12 to 12 mph Daley Plaza or Promontory Point
Ride FAQ (please read)

No, this isn't about humbly asking Him to remove our shortcomings.

It's about riding to Three Floyds and boosting our cognitive function every month this year! There's a somewhat consistent schedule -- usually the 4th Saturday of the month -- and you can qualify for the F-12 Award.

The ride takes the lakefront trail south from the Daley Plaza. You can join up anywhere along the trail. Just let the group know where to make sure you get picked up.

This month I'm welcoming a friend from Germany with a special laid-back 12 mph and Deutsch-freundlich version of the usual ride.

37 miles total if to return you ride to Hammond and take the South Shore Line, 40 miles total if you ride to Flossmoor Station and take the Metra, 45 if you ride to 93rd and take the Metra or to 100th and take the J14, 50 if you ride to 71st and take the J14, 60 if you ride all the way. I like to get there before they open at 11:00 (it's still the eighth-best brewery in the world, so sometimes there's a line). Bring money, government-issued ID, a lock, water and snacks to have en route, and panniers for beer you can't get in Chicago.

Online resources: Google map, cue sheet, conversation about this ride, South Shore Line schedule, Metra Electric train schedules, Jeffrey Jump (J14) bus schedule, Bikes on the South Shore Line, Bikes on the Metra, Bikes on the Bus, and, to save a minute at the start, the nifty online CCC waiver.

PS: I give these rides these names because I find them humorous in an ironic way. It's not my intent to make light of addictions, efforts to recover from addictions, or 12-step peer support groups like AA. If you're trying to drink in moderation, we'll support you. If you're trying to abstain, you may want to give this ride a pass.

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