Pilsen Architecture and Mural Ride
Sunday Oct 19, 2014
Ruth Rosas, email: sasoruth@gmail.com | Mobile: (815) 742-6984
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 10 miles 8 to 10 mph National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W 19th St.
Ride FAQ (please read)
18th St Pink Line

Pilsen has historically been a neighborhood for American immigrants. These generations of immigrants built an extraordinary urban landscape. In the 19th century, Bohemian settlers constructed many mixed-use buildings based on the style of their homeland. In the 1970s, murals began as a cooperative effort between Slavs and Mexicans and large murals surfaced throughout Pilsen. Today, an initiative to restore and create new murals have preserved this vibrant and artistic neighborhood.

First, we'll meet at the National Museum of Mexican Art, located at 1852 W 19th St. The museum is very close to public transit, the Damen bus and the Pink Line. We'll ride through the neighborhood and see beautiful ornate churches and historic buildings reminicent of Eastern Europe baroque architecture erected by Bohemian settlers. We will also be stopping (somewhat frequently) throughout the neighborhood and looking at many old and modern murals. We'll be seeing art by Francisco Mendoza, Jose Guerrero, Gabriel Villa, Chema Skandal, Jake Castro, and many others. Join us afterwards for lunch at one of the many delicious Mexican restaurants near the heart of Pilsen (18th St). I am also part of Women Bike Chicago and would like to extend the invitation to all Women Bike Chicago supporters.

There are also other events around Pilsen and Chicago that you can visit after the ride: Pilsen Open StudiosOpen House Chicago hosted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and the annual Day of the Dead exhibition at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

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