Along Lake Michigan to Hammond, Whiting, and Marktown, Indiana
Saturday Jun 9, 2018
George Vrechek, email: | Phone: (312) 654-8909
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM 38 15 to 18 mph
Ride FAQ (please read)
Bridge across Wolf Lake

This is a great route without much traffic or stopping thanks to relatively new connections around Wolf Lake and the South Shore Drive extension. The pace will be usually in the 15-18 mph range if there is open road and no wind.

The route will be within a mile of Lake Michigan most of the way with Marktown, Indiana, as the final destination. We'll go down Chicago's lakefront to the South Shore Drive extension, through Eastside and through the woods to a bike bridge that crosses Wolf Lake, straight across 129th St to Marktown then back along the lakefront in Hammond and Whiting, to the Burnham Greenway, Calumet Park, and back to the lakefront. If you'd like to join the ride further south along the lakefront trail, please contact the ride leader to coordinate.

Marktown is an historic district in East Chicago, Indiana, designed in 1917 by Howard Van Doren Shaw. The tiny residential community was to be the start of a company town to serve the nearby steel mill owned by Clayton Mark. Shaw designed the community to be like an English village with narrow streets and houses with small yards. Marktown is in need of major preservation efforts and demolition is a threat. We'll shoot for getting back before noon to the South Shore Cultural Center and from there you can set your own pace back to downtown. No lunch is planned.

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