Monday Training Ride: Intro to Training Rides- !!Check today for weather cancellations before heading out!!
Monday May 1, 2017
Rich Baumgarten, email: | Phone: (773) 759-8690
6:30 PM - (not specified) 28-30 18 to 23 mph
Ride FAQ (please read)

Forecast for rain moving in this afternoon. Will post cancellation before 6:00 pm if weather looks bad.  


                                               Power to the pedal!

                                                                                                                                                      Are you looking to bring your cycling up a notch? Don't know where to start? Monday Night maybe the kick start you need. Fast group rides can be intimidating if you have never participated in one before. Technique and etiquette is what will learn, but at much more moderate pace than our Wednesday Night ride. The ride will still be athletic but emphasis will be about learning new skills and building your confidence to join the faster groups. This is not the Wednesday Night Ride  and disruption of the pace line will be  frowned upon. 

Safety is also important. Helmets are required for this ride.

Due to the training specific nature of this ride, use of traditional style road bikes is strongly recommended. Recumbent, hybrid and mountain bikes will not be allowed, time-trial handle bars are discouraged. 

Note: Please be sure your tires are pumped to right pressure, this helps to prevent flats.

Bring your lights! Tail lights/head lights what ever you have to make yourself visible. Early season rides gets dark fast.

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