Ride FAQ

  • Do I have to wear a helmet?   Highly encouraged but strictly for CCC only rides, you do not. There are rides we do in conjunction with other organizations and because of their rules, helmets may be required. Check the Ride Description. In any case, read this personal account: The Case for Bicycle Helmets
  • How often do we ride?  Rides are scheduled throughout the year (weather permitting) with ride frequency picking up from Spring through to the Fall. We typically have three or more rides per week during the Summer.
  • Where do rides start?   The Start Location is posted with each ride and usually contains a link to an on-line map. Maps to common Start Locations are found here. Plan to be at the Start Location at least ten minutes prior to the start time.
  • What types of rides do we offer?  A wide range, from 10 miles at 8-10 mph to 100+ miles at 18-20+ mph.
  • Do I have to be a member to ride?  No but we encourage you to join and support the club (Learn more).
  • Do I need to sign up in advance?  Unless specified in the description, generally you can show up at the Start Location. But you will save time by registering and checking in online. Look for the RSVP link.
  • How do I know if a ride is right for me?  If you are unsure about whether the speed and distance are a comfortable fit, contact the ride leader in advance.
  • How long does a ride last and why are there "not specified" end times on the Ride Schedule?  Ride Leaders are encouraged to specify an end time as a target but for some rides it is not easy to estimate (i.e. a ride including lunch) and thus some Ride Leaders do not want to set expectations. In any case, ride end times are only estimates as road conditions, weather, mechanical issues and other factors can be an influence.
  • Can I be asked to leave a ride?  Yes! If you are riding in an unsafe manner or causing other issues, the Ride Leader has complete discretion to ask you to leave.
  • How do I check the status of a Ride? Check the Ride Schedule, it is the authority. Ride cancellations as well as other changes will be reflected on the Ride Schedule. Email lists, forums and other websites containing CCC ride information are not always up to date or accurate.
You should always check the Ride Schedule before proceeding to the Start Location

Ride Pace

Each ride listing will indicate the pace for the ride.  Pace is the average speed while riding and does not include time spent waiting at traffic lights or stop signs. A ride listed as a 12-14 mph pace will probably cover 8-10 miles per hour in city traffic. Rides outside of the city will generally cover more distance at the same pace.

Ride leaders will make every attempt to maintain the indicated pace.  Actual pace will be determined by road, traffic and weather conditions, and the group as a whole.


Ride Types

Chicago Cycling Club rides are listed under four basic ride categories: SOCIAL, TOURING, TRAINING, and OTHER.

  • SOCIAL rides are shorter (under 35 miles) and typically have one or more rest/meal/point-of-interest stops. The pace is conversation friendly (10 to 14 mph). Ride leaders and sweeps ensure that the pace is appropriate for the slowest rider and try to keep the group together. Large rides may be split in groups if needed. No rider will be left behind. These rides are appropriate for almost any skill or fitness level.
  • TOURING rides are middle to longer distance rides (usually 35 to 60+ miles), moderate to fast pace (14 to 20 mph) and usually have fewer stops. Rides may be divided into faster and slower groups, if appropriate.
  • TRAINING rides are faster (over 16 mph). Generally, training rides assume that participants are motivated to ride at the elevated speeds and participants are expected to be skilled and confident enough to be on their own if they get separated from the group. However, there are training rides for beginners and the ride leader will help you with safe group riding technique and etiquette. Check the description on the Ride Schedule.
  • OTHER rides may include family rides, multi-day tours, camping or off-road rides, or other special types of rides. Please see the schedule listing for details on specific rides.

Ride Cancellation

Rides cancellations are at the discretion of Ride Leaders. Common reasons for cancellation are:

  • Chance of precipitation is over 70 percent
  • Temperature is over 90 degrees
  • Ozone Alert has been issued
  • Pollution index is high
  • High Winds
  • Any other severe weather is predicted or present

If conditions are questionable, check the Ride Schedule or contact the Ride Leader. It is your responsibility to check the status before proceeding to the Start Location.


For questions regarding individual rides, contact the Ride Leader as indicated on the Ride Schedule.

For general questions regarding the Ride Schedule, send an email to the Rides Committee at rides@ChicagoCyclingClub.org.

For general questions regarding the club, email us at info@ChicagoCyclingClub.org

For other information, call the Ride Line at 773-509-8093.